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Behaviour Expectations

At Hornton Primary School, we place great value on positive behaviour, from both children and adults. The British Values of, Democracy, The rule of law, Individual liberty, Mutual respect and Tolerance, form the basis of our behaviour expectations. What are 'British Values'?

We expect all participants to commit to and engage with our minimum behaviour expectations.

  • To communicate calmly and with respect
  • To value the success and contributions of others
  • To show empathy towards others
  • To make decisions together
  • To work together as a team
  • To listen to others without interruption
  • To respect that others have a right to different ideas and viewpoints
  • To understand that everyone's experience of life is different
  • To learn about different faiths and cultures
  • To understand why rules are important
  • To follow the rules set
  • To be willing to learn about what you do not understand

Our approach to delivering a creative and responsive curriculum, supported by a programme of emotionally embedded educational experiences .......

  • children know their views count and their opinions are important 
  • children know the views of others count and are important
  • we make decisions together
  • children have opportunities to vote
  • children and adults work together to agree and set rules
  • children develop an understanding of their own and others’ behaviour and feelings, and the consequences of their actions
  • we create a consistent environment where expectations are clear
  • children learn to distinguish right from wrong.
  • children are able to develop their self-esteem and confidence in their own abilities. 
  • children are confidently able to approach challenges and new situations
  • children are able to confidently follow their own ideas
  • children are able to develop informed views and opinions.
  • children can see the benefit of listening to the ideas of others
  • children are willing to find out more and learn about what they don't understand
  • children value different faiths, cultures, views and races

It is our aim to support children to grow into tolerant, respectful, responsible, independent and confident individuals, who are prepared for a successful future.