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Peach Tree Pre-school

Our unique Foundation Stage Unit is home to our pre-school and our reception class.

During the early years the brain undergoes rapid growth, making this a crucial period for learning. Children are born ready,  able and eager to learn. They are instinctively motivated to interact with others and explore the world around them. In their explorations, children are naturally drawn to play, driven to make new connections, consolidate ideas, learn skills and develop concepts.In line with current Early Years thinking, we believe, through play, children learn many skills and concepts enabling them to begin to make sense of the world around them. Through our carefully planned play environment, children are able to use language to express thoughts and feelings in real and play situations. Children are encouraged to make choices and decisions and use all their senses to explore, investigate and problem solve. Children are encouraged to take safe risks and learn from their mistakes. They are able practice their skills, test their theories and build on what they already know.  

Through following their own ideas, children are truly motivated to create and be creative.

Activities and experiences are chosen to stimulate, challenge and progress each and every child in the 3 prime and 4 specific areas of learning. Using our observations, input from you and discussions with the children, we are able to provide an environment that allows the children to direct the learning and play. When children are able to follow their own interests, learning is more meaningful and children are more motivated to participate and learn.


Recent brain research shows young children benefit immensely from having the opportunity for outdoor play; it enables them to learn about balance and co-ordination, speed and movement, space and safety, promoting self-confidence and a positive self-image. All of these are important for shaping future thought processes and thinking.



Evidence suggests that allowing children to engage in a real task with responsibilities and challenge, where they are trusted and respected, will increase confidence and promote self-esteem, encouraging a positive attitude towards learning. Cooking is a key aspect of our provision in Foundation Stage, both inside and outside.


Every session the children have the opportunity to come together in their group, where they can talk and listen to others, sing songs and enjoy stories, rhymes and games, building on their language and communication skills and supporting personal, social and emotional development.