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Remote Learning

Inline with DfE Guidance

The remote education provided will include both recorded or live direct teaching time, and time for pupils to complete tasks and assignments independently. This should amount to  a minimum of:

  • Key Stage 1: 3 hours a day on average across the cohort, with less for younger children

  • Key Stage 2: 4 hours a day

This will take the form of:

  • Planned and sequenced daily lessons, in English and Maths, using a combination of virtual lessons and recorded lessons, via Microsoft teams and the class hubs.
  • Weekly lessons/activities to be completed across the week, covering as much of the wider curriculum as possible, using a combination of virtual lessons, recorded lessons and the class hubs.
  • Recorded story times posted on class hubs.
  • School assemblies, via MS Teams on Mondays and Thursday at 1.30pm.
    • Ks2 Monday 1.30pm
    • KS1 & Reception Thursday 1.30pm
  • Children are expected to attend daily remote contact with their class and teacher in line with the timetable below, via MS Teams. Non attendance will be followed up.
  • 9am -  Rowan Class with Mr Fox
  • 10am -  Willow Class with Mrs Hoof
  • 10am -  Reception with Mrs Gibbons
  • 11am - Year 1 with Miss Jones
  • 11.30am -  Year 2 with Miss Jones
  • Teachers will be taking the register, setting learning tasks and sharing the expectations for the completion of work, as appropriate for the age/stage of each class.
  • Children may be expected to engage in more remote learning sessions with the teacher and/or other support staff, as deemed appropriate.
  • Outdoor learning ideas/tasks will be posted on class hubs

We need your help to ensure the successful delivery of our remote learning programme and to protect the future attainment, mental health and wellbeing of all the children.

  • Children and parents can use the class hubs for children to share learning with their peers
  • Teachers can provide masterclasses and teaching plans, to help parents support their children’s learning, please request.
  • We will provide feedback and support to parents and carers via email, phone calls and virtual meetings, during working hours.
  • Provide virtual/recorded lessons from other Trust schools if there are local lock downs or staff shortages due to illness
  • Continue to offer SEN Support in line with SEN Support plans
  • Keep to our calendar of SEN Support Review meetings on MS Teams


We are here to support parents and children. Please contact us if you need help or assistance.