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Headteacher: Wendy Whitehouse



Alexa Hart and Jennie Tyrrell – Orchard Class (Foundation Stage, Reception and Pre-School)

Louise Goddard – Oak Class (Years 1 & 2)

Natalie Peters – Willow Class (Years 3 & 4)

Josh Runcorn – Rowan Class (Years 5 & 6)


SENCo: Wendy Whitehouse


Teaching Assistants:

Donna Fowler

Jolene Stuchfield

Nicole Scarsbrook

Jo Gamage

Emma Cockle

Elaine Russell

Rachel Cairns


Support team:

Tracy Abel – Administrator

Jenny Bowes – Administrator

Lucy Burke – Lunchtime Supervisor


Visiting Teachers:

Lucy Franco – Yoga

Claire Rogers – Piano and keyboard

Greg Prosser – Drums and guitar

Helen Payne – Recorder

Rheanne Sanders – Whole class music

Lucy Price – Tutor

Rory Mawn - PE