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Student Council

Our School Student Council are doing an amazing job, ensuring pupil voice and enterprise impacts positively on school life.

Our latest minutes written by Secretary Florence from Year 6

Minutes March 2022

Apologies: Some children were away due to illness

                                                                            NEW LESSONS

                                                                              AND CLUBS

. We were all in agreement for First Aid lessons and possibly a coding club.

. We thought about having a class pet but Zak disagreed because of allergies. A class pet is still an idea and can be worked around such as having one throughout the school and each week it could go to a different class.


. May day is coming up and we were thinking about stalls we could run such as a chocolate raffle, a skittles stall and an adopt-a-teddy stall, where people bring in old teddies from home (of course they would need to be washed first) and then people can adopt a teddy and have an adoption certificate.

. Red nose day is in a week and we discussed that we can come in wearing a red accessory. A world record game of musical bumps will be played by the whole school.


.  After Easter, ‘learner of the week’ is being introduced.

. Dolly said that we could have fake grass so it can be in use for the whole year. Mrs Whitehouse then suggested we have a wellie rack in school to keep the real grass.

. Arlo thought that the school could use some more basketball hoops.

. Lots of ideas have been proposed such as an air hockey table, table tennis and squash.

. Sammy thinks that a researching project lesson would be really good and fun for the school.

. Zak is thinking about budgets.