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Whole School

It is our intent, that children at Hornton Primary School experience a rich and varied curriculum that fuels their natural instinct to learn. Of course, we want all children to achieve well, but we believe it is not enough to just 'know'. We want children to 'understand' and want to understand. We aim to see children set on a path of lifelong learning that will always see them open to learning something new.

Through the implementation of our rich and varied curriculum, delivered across all subject areas, children are able to appreciate the benefits of finding out more!  The 'Who knew?' and 'What if?' approach to developing their own understanding. Delivered in a way, so that children can independently make connections between the 'then', the 'now' and the 'what could be', building up their understanding over time, rather than gaining knowledge from isolated facts in topic related chunks.

It is our aim that the impact of our curriculum will see children developing into young adults, with the behaviours and attitudes to engage in the world as a successful and active participant. Who appreciate the impact that individuals, groups and whole civilisations have had on their world and the inequalities that have been endured to arrive at this moment in time. Armed with the mindset to not just accept facts, but to look to understand, seek justification and contribute to a truly equal society.